Wait, why wasn’t Colt Nost a Ryder Cup vice captain?

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When you’re stupid enough to be cheated like you were yesterday, the first step is to admit it. Next often is to delete any evidence that you have been scammed. But the toothpaste was really out of that tube, and it was actually pretty tasty.

Colt Nost posted on Instagram Monday morning what looked like accepting the role of Co-Captain of the United States next year Ryder Cup Team under Zack Johnson. Johnson was in the picture, as was the actual Ryder Cup. If there was any giveaway, in hindsight, it was the use of the term ‘assistant’. Team USA was summoning the captain’s henchmen “Deputy Captains” For years now.

Everything seemed legit, especially in the absence of any fun language or emoji from Knost, and it made people go viral on social media. There was a positive, the beloved broadcaster’s encouragement for his success, as well as a lot of negativity, which calls into question Knust’s qualifications. Knost eventually joined in on the fun on Twitter, asking everyone to “relax!!!” But based on the last replies to the positionmany followers still believe it is legitimate.

Yes, it makes me feel better. Thank you for your question! But in response to the deception, rather than ever deleting the topic, I’m here instead to ask the obvious follow-up: Why doesn’t Knost know?

what if I was be serious? Will be Colt Nost, Ryder Cup Vice Captain Is this a bad thing?

(Now is the time to reveal that, yes, Knost Hosts a podcast for GOLF.comThe website you are reading this article on. He’s also friendly with me, but not so much that I can tell when he’s joking.)

Although his tour career faded in recent years, Knost is as connected to the modern crop of American players as anyone in the game. It benefits his new job as a course reporter for CBS Sports, but it could also greatly benefit the team room. He was close to him The Rise of Scotty Schaeffler Like anyone not on Scheffler’s payroll. He competed for a long time against Justin Thomas, Max Homa and Jordan Spieth in money games. He may demand strokes on them these days, but he knows very well what makes them tick. He knows what makes them upset. He knows that about Jon Ram too, which can always come in handy.


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He also knows when to back off and let the best in the world do what he wants. Steve Striker logo During last year’s Cup the best players in the world – perhaps the greatest team ever assembled – were to be rolled out and only allowed to play golf. Nost will do that. He did not care. It plays the role of a punching bag as it does the role of a needle. Can’t you see him overseeing a bunch of Spieth, Thomas, Scheffler, and Homa?

Commentators on social media were quick to point out that Knost never played in the Ryder Cup. But he earned three points during Team USA’s Walker Cup win in 2007. That might be worth it, or nothing at all. But do we need a comprehensive resume of Ryder Cup matches outside Fifth The vice captain? It may be best to have someone more willing to help when needed and fade into the background when not.

The deputy captains play the role of babysitter more than once. They drive golf carts to and from photo sessions. They hover in training range, just as Knost does week by week in his role as a course analyst. At last year’s Cup, Henrik Stenson’s deputy captain’s duties were plenty, but they also included the routine chores of looking after players at press conferences, keeping them on time, and even bringing in a case of the European team’s favorite bottle of wine after today’s games arrived. End. (Fetching wine may be just as important as any job at next year’s cup in Rome. Chianti for Cantlay? almost!It’s not the most respectable position, but you don’t have to be a tour winner to do it well.

Ryder Cup teams have long relied on these ceremonial dates, giving former Cuppers the right to do all sorts of training as an apprenticeship for the once big job. No doubt it will happen again, especially with Phil Mickelson suddenly out of the picture, Tiger Woods unable to move easily and Stryker’s ex-hire group five American venture capital.

But there are only so many places to fill with former Rising Champions and Ryder Cup Champions. There may be room for a man who can Michael Jordan pushed aside When needed, and who actually spends 15 weeks inside the ropes, close but not too close to the action.

Nost was joking, but there were worse thoughts.

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