How much does IVF cost?

People who use in vitro fertilization, which is commonly referred to as IVFIn order to grow or create their family, they may wonder what IVF costs may be associated with the process.

What is artificial insemination?

IVF is a procedure that takes eggs from an ovary and combines them with sperm outside the body in a laboratory in an attempt to create an embryo.

“IVF is the most advanced form of assisted reproductive technology available to help patients become pregnant or maintain their fertility in the future,” Dr.. Snaz Ghazala board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and obstetrician-gynecologist in Southern California fathers day.

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Why do husbands turn to IVF?

“IVF is a powerful strategy to help couples overcome infertility and have children successfully,” Ghazal said.

Common causes of infertility that can be treated with IVF include: male factor, blockage or damage to the fallopian tubes and unexplained infertility.

Ghazal told Parents Today that some couples turn to IVF for reasons other than infertility.

“IVF can be combined with preimplantation genetic testing to screen embryos for certain genetic problems, such as cystic fibrosis, which can be passed from father to child,” she said.

“By screening embryos for these and other chromosomal abnormalities and transferring only normal embryos, you can significantly reduce the risk of having a child with these genetic problems,” she continued.

How much does IVF cost?

The costs associated with IVF treatment plans vary.

“The cost of IVF can vary widely depending on a number of factors including the services performed with IVF, (such as) intracytoplasmic sperm injection or pre-implantation genetic testing, and your treatment plan,” Ghazal told Parents. today.

In addition to the cost of IVF treatment, patients also need to factor in the cost of medications, which can run into thousands of dollars depending on the type and dose of medications used.

There may also be additional costs if your treatment plan includes the use of an egg donor, donor sperm, and/or a gestational carrier (or alternativeGhazal said.

according to American Society of Reproductive MedicineIn vitro fertilization costs $19,200 for one cycle.

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How to pay for IVF

Ghazal said the costs of IVF treatment can be a “real barrier to getting needed care”.

“Many fertility clinics accept insurance, so a good starting point is to research your insurance policy carefully to see if you have any fertility coverage,” Ghazal said.

The California specialist encouraged patients to talk to their employer about whether the company offers any family-building benefits, and to consider using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Plan (HSA), if you have one.

“Look for a fertility clinic that offers financing options or payment plans to help pay for treatment,” Ghazal said. “You may also consider applying for a fertility grant through different organizations to provide some financial support on your journey.”

Ghazal also encouraged patients to seek special discount opportunities.

“Don’t forget to ask your clinic about discount programs for military personnel, as well as for cancer patients undergoing fertility preservation IVF,” she said.

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IVF treatment cost

The costs associated with IVF can be stressful, but beware of clinics advertising really low prices and get a clear understanding of what is included in the cost.

“When it comes to fertility care, you often get what you pay for,” Ghazal told TODAY. “IVF can be stressful, confusing, complicated and expensive, so it’s really important to find the right doctor for your fertility journey.”

“You want someone to help navigate your options, provide personalized care to achieve your goals, and support you every step of the way,” she continued.

For people undergoing IVF, Ghazal recommends:

  • Don’t compare your journey with others because everyone’s itinerary is different and sets realistic expectations.
  • Prepare yourself for bumps along the way, but don’t get discouraged or lose hope.
  • Be sure to give yourself the blessing through experience and make self-care a priority, especially when it comes to your mental health.

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