Giants “listen” to veteran players’ trade offers

9:19 pm: “sretty much anyone does Logan Web“It could be discussed by the giants in trade talks, according to Joel Sherman from The New York Post.

8:17 pm: The Giants have gone 11-22 in their last 33 games, dropping them below the .500 mark and putting them in four games outside the NL Wild Card Race. While the club It said Resisting being sellers on deadline as recently as three days ago, the Giants”Now they’re listening to veterans’ “in trade talks, according to John Heyman of the New York Post (Twitter link). Mark Vinsand from MLB.com too chirp That according to a rival executive, San Francisco was apparently “ready to sell.”

Assuming the giants are already ready to become somewhat of a seller, they immediately make an interesting team to watch before the 5pm trading deadline on Tuesday. Chief of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi has taken a measured approach to sales in the past, even during the 2019 and 2020 deadlines when the Giants had plenty of momentum to completely tear down their aging and costly roster. A major overhaul certainly doesn’t look in the works this time around, with the Giants having less than one season to win in 107 games, and Zaidi sure feels his squad could return to competition in 2023 (or even be regrouped). late. pay playoff this year).

Suspended free agents are the most obvious commercial candidates, and Carlos Rodon It would immediately be a major new entry into the merchandising market if the giants made it available. The left-hander is in the midst of a great season, and he recently opened up maturity option Which allows Rodon to withdraw from his contract after the season. Rodon owed $22.5 million in 2023, but since he could certainly get a more lucrative, longer-term deal in free agency, it seems like a sure bet to exercise the no-participation clause.

The White Sox decided not to release a qualifying bid for Rodon last winter, and therefore he is still eligible for the QO tag for this season after we learned that the qualifying bid scheme would still be in place. The Giants can redeem a compensating draft for Rodon’s services if he signs elsewhere, so if any rival teams are interested in Rodon on the deadline, they’ll have to offer San Francisco something more valuable than that compensating choice. Conjecturally, this could be a player closer to the big leagues, as someone who can provide more immediate assistance may be best for the Giants who are planning to win next year.

For other free agents, Wilmer FloresAnd the Dominic LyonAnd the Jock Pederson All of this will get attention, even though Pedersen has just been put on a seven-day concussion. The team may take some risk in acquiring Pedersen given the unpredictable nature of concussion-related symptoms, and of course the Giants’ return in Pedersen’s deal will be affected by this uncertainty.

Evan Longoria He’s also on the injured list, as the right hamstring strain lasted an injury-packed year for the veteran baseman three. The Giants retain a $13 million club option in Longoria for 2023 which does not appear likely to be exercised at this point, despite Longoria also male He may retire after the season is over. Since Longoria has already started doing field exercises and is expected to be back in the first week or two of August, another team can take a ride on a still healthy veteran when he is healthy. long time giant Brandon belt He is also a free agent after the year, although a trade doesn’t look very likely because Bildt has also struggled with injuries and only had a good year on the board. Bilt could also refuse any trade due to his rights as a 10th and 5th Veteran.


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