Elliot Friedman: The teams think it’s possible to extend Noah Dobson’s contract

Center baseless rumor who – which New York Islanders defender Noah Dobson It will be the cornerstone of a deal with the Vancouver Canucks for GT MillerAnd the sports net Elliot Friedman He says the teams “told me she thought it was very likely that Noah Dobson had an extension. Is that true? I don’t know. Is it out of the question? No.”

“Tom Brady will throw his first touchdown pass of the season next year and the islanders will be sending out press releases that they have just signed a group of players.”

Elliot Friedman

Friedman also added that he believed the islanders were “going in” Nazim Qadri. The NHL insider says the islanders and Colorado Avalanche They are the favorites, with Calgary and Detroit as potential suitors.

Despite the Vancouver story, which, along with Dobson, suggested that the islanders include a high probability and a 2023 first-round choice to acquire 29-year-old Miller, the expectation is that GM Lou Lamoreello Dobson will sign a multi-year contract in the off-season.

What kind of deal will Dobson sign? This is a different story. AAV’s bridge deal will provide less flexibility for the islanders at a critical time as they try to keep their window to winning the Stanley Cup open with key players around and over 30 years old. A 3-year deal will raise Dobson to age 25, and he will remain a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) at the end of the contract, similar to Matthew Barzal the current situation.

However, given Dobson’s offensive production last season (13G, 38A), a long-term deal with AAV worth $6.5-7 million could be considered a discount within a few years. It will also ensure that Dobson with Adam Bellick And the Ryan Bullock They will all be locked up for the next 7-8 years on the Blue Line of the Islands.

earlier this month, Shayna Goldman From the athlete I had to Nasomin Hockey PodkasR. provided insight into a potential Dobson extension.

“I like looking at similarity scores based on players within an age group (Dobson) who have had similar seasons on both ends of the ice. His most notable kings after last season were Seth Jones, Cam Fowler, Oliver Ekman-Larson, Oscar Clevbaum, Shea Theodore and (Ryan) Bullock. All of this is really encouraging and I think you should tell the islanders that this guy could be the best duo defender and that’s why I think going with the Bridge deal, which they might do to ease their (salary) cap, is wrong because I think he’s going to earn Much more in his next decade.”

Shania Goldman

2021-22 was a major leap in Dobson production. After struggling and even being a healthy scratcher during the season’s opening road trip, he stepped up when Bullock lost for an extended period of time and his game began to click offensively during the second half.

He does not play without errors in his own area, but there has been steady improvement and maturity under the guidance of the technical staff and Zdeno Chara. Really in that, Baelish and Bullock are widely seen as Al Jazira’s two best defenders, but they lack the offensive creativity and ability to take on the midfielder that Dobson has shown to a team that lacks those skills after team trades. Devon Toze And the Nick Lady.

Reasonably or not, the improvement in last year’s performance is where expectations are for Dobson in 2022-23. And while Islanders fans have lofty expectations of where Dobson’s game is headed, it will be another year or two before the NHL notices it fully. Until then or at least until the extension is announced, we’ll have to live with poorly designed commercial rumors.

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