Doctor Strange Interview 2, Thor 4, Ms. Marvell Reviews

phase zero Dropping a new episode on Wednesday, starting with a special guest interview in the form of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Fashion designer Graham Churchillard joins the show live. Churchyard previously designed costumes for Guardians of the Galaxy and worked on other Marvel titles including Captain America: The First Avengers and … Read more

Troubled Frontman ‘couldn’t be prouder’ than his bandmate for taking on ‘Abolition of Culture’ with new guitar.

deranged Singer David Dryman He says he “couldn’t be more proud” of his bandmate Dan Donegan for taking on “Culture Cancellation” with his new guitar. Earlier today (Wednesday, July 6), Doneganwho frequently posts on his personal page Facebook The page that amplifies Republican talking points and disparages Democrats, posted two photos of his new guitar … Read more

Actor Keanu Reeves and artist Alexandra Grant are funding art projects as advisors to the New Future Foundation

Actor Keanu Reeves and his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant Work as a team to advise the new philanthropic initiative The Futureverse Foundation, which aims to empower the next generation of artists through the use of blockchain technology and web3. as a result of Non-Fungal Labs and FLUF World, a New Zealand-based NFT studio, the Futureverse … Read more

Twitter has reinstated Alex Berenson after his account was ‘permanently’ suspended in 2021 due to COVID tweets

the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Twitter has restored an account Author Alex Berenson After the tech giant suspended him “permanently” for allegedly violating its COVID “disinformation” policy. Berenson, who filed a lawsuit against Twitter in April, returned to the platform on Wednesday, telling his followers, “Shady is back. Tell a friend.” … Read more

Vince Vaughn, in costume, kicks off the main event of the World Series of Poker

Poker players and fans await the arrival of actor Vince Vaughn, who has been chosen as the “Celebrity Master of Ceremonies” in WSOP . World Series of Poker Late last year but has yet to appear in the 2022 series. And on Wednesday, the star of movies like swingersAnd the dribble ballAnd the Wedding Crashers, … Read more

The clock is ticking on the Rangers window to trade with Alexander Georgiev

Regarding the Rangers, whose general manager, Chris Drury, does not have the ability to create $10 million in salary cap space in each of the next five seasons, with a wave of Jim Dolan’s magic wand, in order to accommodate the long-term contracts of JT Miller, Nazem Kadri or Any other marquee center whose name … Read more