AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco on NCAA, NIL, Conference Reorganization

American Athletic Conference (AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco was not shy about expressing his concerns about the state and future of college football during his annual Media Day press conference.

It’s no news that many issues have raised flags in the world of college football and college athletics since the end of the 2021-22 seasons. In fact, Aresco listed a large handful, including but not limited to the reorganization of the conference; name, image, and similarity deals (none); The Football Division (FBS) will likely secede from the NCAA; And college sports became very professional.

He called it a new and challenging era in college sports, something unprecedented and troubling, after years of making it. Now, Aresco sees team athletics at a pivotal point.

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco is not willing to sit idly by and let others decide the fate of his league.

Here is what Aresco had to say on several topics:

Conference reorganization at FBS

“It’s been in the news. It’s sent shock waves across the college sports landscape, boiled the waters of college sports and continues to do so. It affected AAC last year and maybe again, we don’t know. Three of our members — UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston — will be leaving the conference in July 2023. We appreciate their important contributions to our conference legacy over the past decade and will enjoy their participation in competition in America this season.”

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